orby tv channel list with number 333

Orby TV Channel List with Number

Orby TV, a satellite TV startup founded in September 2019, shut down its operations on March 1, 2021. The company ran out of operating capital, and attempts to raise additional funds during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic were unsuccessful. Orby TV had aimed to provide consumers in harder-to-reach regions of the U.S. with a satellite linear pay-TV option. After the shutdown, Orby TV directed its customers to a special deal with Dish Network to continue receiving pay-TV service.However, a new company called Orby Elevate acquired the remnants of Orby TV and is set to relaunch the service with a new lineup of channels. Orby Elevate has selected Eutelsat 117 West A for the distribution of its first major mainstream English language DTH TV services in the U.S. The new service will offer a mix of secular and religious video services to U.S.-based customers.

We are removing the channel list until we get new updates from Orby TV.

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