Peacock Channel List 2023

Looking for the Peacock Channel list? Then Don’t worry here; we have listed all Peacock Channel lists for 2023.

Peacock is a streaming video platform with thousands of TV shows and movie titles available for instant viewing anytime. Unlike other streaming services, however, it doesn’t offer live television or local stations. Instead, it offers 24/7 loops of TV shows and movies from its library divided into “channels” similar to Roku’s channel lineup.

Peacock doesn’t carry any live news and sports networks, but it offers some ad-free premium content for paid Premium $4.99 per month or Premium Plus $9.99 per month if you want no ads.

If you are an Xfinity and Cox customer, you can get Peacock for free.

Complete Peacock Live Channels List

The budget-friendly streaming service has a good selection of sports, entertainment, documentary and food channels to explore.

Here’s a full list of live Peacock channels included in the paid subscriptions:

SR NoChannel Name
1American Greed
2Caso Cerrado
3The Choice
4CNBC Ka-Ching
5CNBC Make It
6D&D Live
7Fail Army
8Fallon Tonight
10Hell’s Kitchen
11In It To Win It
12Kiss Me Deadly
13Laugh Here
14NatureVision TV
16NBC Sports on Peacock
17Olympic Channel
18Peacock Reality
19People Are Awesome
20Saved by the Bell
21Seth Meyers Now
22Sky News
23SNL Vault
24Telemundo Series
25The Pet Collective
26The Rotten Tomatoes Channel
27TODAY All Day
28True Crime
29Unsolved Mysteries
31Weather Spy
32WWE Network
3380’s Mixtape

Complete Peacock Live Channel Lineup

Look at the complete Complete Peacock Live Channels List.

Peacock Entertainment Channels List

NoChannel Name
1AFV Family
2Black Cinema
3Black Led Comedy
4The Bob Ross Channel
5Can’t Not Laugh
6Circle (music)
7Classic Crime TV
8Classic TV
9Fallon Tonight
10Great Finds
11Hot Blockbuster Movies
12LOL! Network
13Loop (music)
14Out of this World
15Peacock Originals
16Peacock Picks: Comedy Movies
17Peacock Picks: Family Movies
19Rotten Tomatoes
20SNL Vault
21This Old House
22USA Classic Characters
23Witching Hour

Peacock News and Talk Channels

NoChannel Name
1Today All Day
2The Choice from MSNBC
3Sky News
4CNBC Ka-Ching
5NBC Boston News
6NBC Chicago News
7NBC News Now
8NBC South Florida News
9Sky News

Peacock sports channels

NoChannel Name
1NBC GolfPass
2Olympic Spotlight
3Premier League TV
5NBC Sports
6NFL Channel

Peacock Reality TV channels

NoChannel Name
1Bad Girls Club
2Hell’s Kitchen
3In It to Win It
4Million Dollar Listing
5Peacock Reality
6Below Deck

Peacock Crime Documentary Channels

NoChannel Name
1American Greed
2Dateline 24/7
3Kiss Me Deadly
5True Crime

Peacock Spanish Channels

NoChannel Name
1Caso Cerrado
3Peacock Latino
4Telemundo al Dia

Peacock Packages

PlanPriceHours of contentOffline viewing
Peacock (with ads)Free40,000+
Peacock Premium (with ads)$4.99/mo.60,000+
Peacock Premium Plus (no ads)$9.99/mo.60,000+

I hope you liked and found the Complete Peacock Live Channels List. If you think we missed something then let us know in the comment section below. Share this Peacock Channels List.

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  1. Rebekah Hedemann says:

    i love peacock except for the fact i can’t get FOX! what’s up with that?

  2. For a paid subscription are we able to get the USA network channel. Nascar is usually on usa so we like to watch it as it happens. Thank you. We’re gearing up for next season already.

  3. Chris Sachs says:

    When is Peacock going to start carrying CBS, ABC of Omaha, NE, Motortrend, Discovery, Freeform, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, Fox News & Boomerang. Will these channels be added to the Premium Plus package.
    If you could let me k ow I would sure appreciate it.
    Thank you,

  4. Mary Trammell says:

    I don’t understand why I can’t get the Peacock Premium channel list, I wanted to know does Peacock Premium have ABC, NBC, CBS channels in Peacock Premium? I never got a Clear Answer

  5. mary comer says:

    I signed up for peacock a month ago, I have dish tv but i can’t find out what channel to find it, they have already taken out 3 months and I can’t even watch, can you help me

  6. mary comer says:

    I signed up for peacock a month ago, I have dish tv but i can’t find out what channel to find it, they have already taken out 3 months and I can’t even watch, can you help me THIS IS THE FRIST TIME I POSTED ANYTHING ON YOUR SITE

  7. mary comer says:

    i need to find out how to cancel peacock, they have taken out of my account for 3 months and i still can’t find it on my tv