Pluto TV Channels List

Pluto TV Channel List [With PDF] 2024

If you are concerned about channel offerings by Pluto TV, then the Pluto TV channel list has been refined for you. Pluto TV channels list is vast and diverse, featuring 250 live channels and on-demand content.

Pluto TV is a free television service offered by Paramount, features content on various subjects including movies, sports, news, entertainment and series. It has partnered with popular content providers like CNN, Comedy Central, NFL, Nickelodeon and A&E. It supports various devices including smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, LG smart TVs, PlayStation4, PS5, Roku, and Samsung intelligent TV. 

Many TV Streaming services like Hulu, Peacock and many more require a paid subscription to watch channels, but here at Pluto TV, you can watch them for free. As Pluto TV is free, you have to tolerate ads that run occasionally while watching your content.

This article ‘Pluto TV Channel List 2024’ will help you locate your favourite channels.

So let’s have a look at the Pluto TV Channel List so that you can watch Pluto TV easily.

Pluto TV Channel List

The Pluto TV Channels List mentioned below is based on content subjects. The available channels in each category are listed.


Serial NumberChannel Name
1TV Spotlight
2TV Action
3TV Drama
4TV Thrillers
5TV Indies
6Classic Movies
7Pluto TV Movies
8TV Comedy
9TV Horror
10Black Cinema
11Paramount Movie Channel
1280s Rewind
13The Asylum
14Pluto TV Movies 2
15TV Romance
16TV Terror
17TV Documentaries
18CMT Westerns
19TV Cult Films
20Gravitas Movies


Serial NumberChannel Name
1MTV Pluto TV
2ET Live
3Bet Pluto TV
4Spike Outdoors
5TV Land Drama
6CMT Pluto TV
7TV Lives
9British TV
10Shout! TV
11MTV Dating
12VH1 I Love Reality
13BET Her Pluto TV
14American Gladiators
15TV Animals
16TV Celebrity
18Awesomeness TV
19Classic TV
20Classic Toons
21MTV Teen
22VH1 Hip Hop Family
23Spike Pluto TV
25Crime Network
26TV Reality
30Star Trek


Serial NumberChannel Name
1Comedy Central Pluto TV
3Funny AF
4Dogs 24/7
5Fail Army
6Comedy Central Stand-Up
7Crank Yankers
8Stand Up TV
9The Pet Collective
10Wild ‘n Out
11TV Land Sitcoms
12Cats 24/7
13Internet Gold


Serial NumberChannel Name
1TV Cine Estelar
2TV Peliculas
3TV Cine Latino
4TV Investiga
5TV Novelas
6Telemundo Telenovelas Clasicas
7MTV Latino
8Comedy Central Latino
9TV Brasil
10Combate World
11Lucha Libre AAA


Serial NumberChannel Name
1Live Music Replay
4MTV Biggest Pop
5Yo! MTV
6MTV Spanking New
7Main Stage
8The City
9Red Cup
10The Cross
16Dash 1
19The Return of Doggystyle
22Alter Native
23Monstercat Electronic & Dance
26The Strip
27Church of Rock N Roll
30What the Funk
32Pure Soul
34La Isla
35Reggae King

Tech and Science

Serial NumberChannel Name
1TV Scifi
2TV Gamer
4TV Science
54K TV
7Minecraft TV
8TV Tech
11Gameplay Roblox


Serial NumberChannel Name
1Pluto TV Sports
2PGA Tour
3TV Surf
4Pursuit Up
5Impact Wrestling
6Big Sky Conference
7Fox Sports
8Major League Soccer
9TV Winter Sports
11Sports Grid
14Red Bull TV
15Glory Kickboxing
16Eleven Sports

Binge Watch

Serial NumberChannel Name
1The Addams Family
2VH1 Love and Hip Hop
3VH1 RuPaul’s Drag Race
4Forensic Files
5Fear Factor
6Dog the Bounty Hunter
7This Old House
8Midsomer Murders
10MTV Guy Code
11MTV The Challenge
12CMT Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
13The New Detectives
15Hell’s Kitchen
16Antiques Roadshows UK
18MTV The Hills
19VH1 Black Ink Crew
20Unsolved Mysteries
21Cold Case Files
22Criss Angel Mindfreak
24Doctor Who Classic
27Stories by AMC


Serial NumberChannel Name
1TV Election
2NBC News
3CBS Los Angeles
5Cheddar News
6TYT Network
7Court TV
8Today’s Top Story
11Weather Nation
12Top Stories by Newsy
13Sky News
14TV News
15CBSN New York
16The First
18Newsmax TV
19RT America


Serial NumberChannel Name
1Nick: Dora TV
2Nick Pluto
3Nick Jr. Pluto
4TV Family
5Totally Turtles
6Kids TV
7After School Cartoons
8Anime All Ages
9Anime All Day

Pluto TV Channel List 2024 Printable PDF

Pluto TV Channel Lineup

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Here you can download the Pluto TV Channel List for your easy access.

By now, you might have a fair idea of the channel availability in each category. You can use the Pluto TV channels list to find your favourite channel anytime and anywhere.

Pluto TV offers a lot when it comes to content but I feel that adding some of the latest content could enhance the viewing experience, as there are very few traditional cable options available.

You can also check out other free TV services such as Philo TV, Peacock TV(free version), Tubi, Plex TV, etc.

Don’t forget to comment on your experience with Pluto TV.

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  1. yes thank you.i have bell fibe and can i view pluto free tv on my sony bravia tv.i live in kitchener ontario canada.

  2. couldn’t download the list…..
    can you add a Gunsmoke channel…my mom is 97 and that is her favorite show and I would like to use the Pluto station…. and while I’m in the asking mood, can you add the old English Avengers detective series

  3. A guide that shows what’s playing at that time.
    Also it would be nice if you would fix all the interruptions, like programs freezing up for several minutes.

    1. Thanks for the channel list. I’m going to try to print it out and definitely watch some of the many shows that interest me

  4. Why does your “PRINTABLE PDF” link for the Pluto Channel Guide NOT download a PDF file and does NOT print out a channel guide ?

  5. Have not found Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on the channel guide. Is it not listed or am I missing it somewhere? Thanks!

  6. Bravo Channel, Orlando news and fox and friends, Why is it not listed? Why isn’t the channels listed and why
    is not a Free Channel ?

  7. I like to see CNBC world news added to the list and more old shows as well like the patty duke show and the Donna reed show and what’s my line game show