Tubi Channel Lineup 2024

Tubi TV Channels

The Tubi channel lineup is wide, even though it’s free.

Tubi, a popular free streaming service, provides a vast library of content in Canada, the United States, Australia and other countries. Launched in 2014 and acquired by Fox Corporation in 2020, Tubi has become the most popular free streaming platform. It is also a leading on-demand video streaming app for free and premium content.

Tubi offers 55+ live channels with 10+ supported devices. You can also stream Tubi’s on-demand content on Roku.

This ‘Tubi Channel Lineup 2024’ article provides you with all the latest Tubi channel lists, including sports channels.

If you are looking for the best streaming service for TV shows, check out Peacock and Pluto TV, as they are both free, like Tubi.

Complete Tubi Channel Lineup List

01ABC News LiveABCNews
03News 12 New YorkAlticeLocal News
04Cheddar NewsAlticsNews
05Bloomberg TVBloombergNews
06Bloomberg QuicktakeBloombergNews
07BNC GO (fka Black News Channel)BNCNews
09FOX13 Memphis (WHBQ)CMGLocal News
10FOX23 Tulsa (KOKI)CMGLocal News
11WSB Now AtlantaCMGLocal News
12WPXI (Pittsburgh)CMGLocal News
13WHIO (Dayton)CMGLocal News
14WFTV 9 OrlandoCMGLocal News
15WJAX Action News JaxCMGLocal News
16WSOC Channel 9CMGLocal News
17WFXTCMGLocal News
18KIRO 7 SeattleCMGLocal News
19Estrella NewsEstrella MediaNews
21FOX 5 AtlantaFOXLocal News
22FOX 13 Tampa BayFOXLocal News
23FOX 4 (Dallas-Fort Worth)FOXLocal News
24FOX 29 PhiladelphiaFOXLocal News
25FOX 2 DetroitFOXLocal News
26FOX 11 Los AngelesFOXLocal News
27FOX 32 ChicagoFOXLocal News
28FOX 5 Washington DCFOXLocal News
29KTVU FOX 2 (San Francisco)FOXLocal News
30FOX 26 HoustonFOXLocal News
31FOX 5 New YorkFOXLocal News
32Q13 FOX (Seattle)FOXLocal News
33FOX 10 PhoenixFOXLocal News
34FOX 35 OrlandoFOXLocal News
35FOX 9 (Minneapolis-St. Paul)FOXLocal News
36FOX 6 MilwaukeeFOXLocal News
37FOX 7 AustinFOXLocal News
38Fox Weather (National)FOXLocal News
39LiveNOW from FOX (fka NewsNOW from FOX)FOXNews
41New Hampshire (WMUR)HEARSTLocal News
42Very Pittsburgh by WTAEHEARSTLocal News
43Very Nola by WDSUHEARSTLocal News
44Very Alabama by WVTMHEARSTLocal News
45Very Kansas City (KMBC)HEARSTLocal News
46Very Omaha by KETV7HEARSTLocal News
47Very Oklahoma by KOCOHEARSTLocal News
48Very Cincinnati by WLWTHEARSTLocal News
49Very Sacramento KCRAHEARSTLocal News
50Very Orlando by WESHHEARSTLocal News
51Very S. Carolina WYFFHEARSTLocal News
52Very Louisville by WLKYHEARSTLocal News
53Very New Mexico KOATHEARSTLocal News
54Very Lancaster WGALHEARSTLocal News
55Very Arkansas by KHBSHEARSTLocal News
56Iowa Des Moines KCCIHEARSTLocal News
57Very Tampa Bay WMORHEARSTLocal News
58Very Monterey by KSBWHEARSTLocal News
59Very Baltimore by WBALHEARSTLocal News
60Very Milwaukee by WISNHEARSTLocal News
61Very Jackson WAPTHEARSTLocal News
62Very Boston WCVBHEARSTLocal News
63Very Carolina WXIIHEARSTLocal News
64Very South Florida WPBFHEARSTLocal News
65Very Savannah WJCLHEARSTLocal News
66Very Maine WMTWHEARSTLocal News
67Very Champlain WPTZHEARSTLocal News
70Today All DayNBCUNews
71WXYZ Detroit – 7 Action NewsScrippsLocal News
72WEWS News 5 ClevelandScrippsLocal News
73KNXV 15 – ArizonaScrippsLocal News
74WFTS 28 – TampaScrippsLocal News
75KGTVScrippsLocal News
76FOX 13 Salt Lake (KSTU)ScrippsLocal News
77FOX 17 West Michigan (WXMI)ScrippsLocal News
78WTVF Nashville 5ScrippsLocal News
79FL24 Forida (Scripps New)ScrippsLocal News
80WCPO Cincinnati 9 (Scripps New)ScrippsLocal News
81KSBY San Luis Obispo 6 (Scripps New)ScrippsLocal News
82KPAX Missoula 8 (Scripps New)ScrippsLocal News
83WGBA Green Bay 26 (Scripps New)ScrippsLocal News
84KXXV 25 News WacoScrippsLocal News
85KTNV 13 Action News Las VegasScrippsLocal News
86KRIS 6 Corpus ChristiScrippsLocal News
87WSYM FOX 47 News LansingScrippsLocal News
88KGUN 9 Tucson NewsScrippsLocal News
89FOX 4 News Ft MyersScrippsLocal News
90KJRH 2 News OklahomaScrippsLocal News
91KBZK News BozemanScrippsLocal News
92WRTV IndianapolisScrippsLocal News
93CBS 6 Richmond WTVRScrippsLocal News
94WPTV West Palm BeachScrippsLocal News
96WKBW 7 News BuffaloScrippsLocal News
97KMTV 3 News OmahaScrippsLocal News
98LEX18 News LexingtonScrippsLocal News
99WMAR 2 BaltimoreScrippsLocal News
100KSHB 41 Kansas CityScrippsLocal News
101Idaho News 6 Boise (KIVI)ScrippsLocal News
102KMGH Denver 7+ NewsScrippsLocal News
103KERO 23 BakersfieldScrippsLocal News
104NewsyScripps (National)News
105KHOU 11 HoustonTEGNALocal News
106WUSA 9 – DC/MD/VATEGNALocal News
107WFAA Dallas–Fort WorthTEGNALocal News
108WXIA 11AliveTEGNALocal News
109WFMY News 2 | GreensboroTEGNALocal News
110WBNS 10TV ColumbusTEGNALocal News
112KSDK News St. LouisTEGNALocal News
113WTHR IndianapolisTEGNALocal News
115WTIC FOX61 Hartford, CTTEGNALocal News
116KXTV ABC10TEGNALocal News
117KPNX 12 NewsTEGNALocal News
120KARE KARE 11TEGNALocal News
121PattrnThe Weather ChannelNews
122USA TodayUSA TodayNews
124America’s Test KitchenAmerica’s Test KitchenEntertainment
125Deal or No Deal USABanijayEntertainment
126Fear Factor USABanijayEntertainment
127All RealBanijayEntertainment
128Wipeout XtraBanijayEntertainment
129Biggest LoserBanijayEntertainment
130Brat TVBrat TVEntertainment
131The Bob Ross ChannelCinedigmEntertainment
132Dove ChannelCinedigmEntertainment
133El ReyCinedigmEntertainment
134Lone StarCinedigmEntertainment
135The Only Way Is EssexCinedigmEntertainment
137Comedy DynamicsCinedigmEntertainment
139Always Funny VideosfbwmediaEntertainment
140Filmrise Classic TVFilmriseEntertainment
141Dick Van Dyke ShowFilmriseEntertainment
142Filmrise WesternsFilmriseEntertainment
143Forensic FilesFilmriseEntertainment
144Unsolved MysteriesFilmriseEntertainment
14621 Jump StreetFilmriseEntertainment
147FilmRise Black TVFilmriseEntertainment
148FilmRise ComedyFilmriseEntertainment
149FilmRise HorrorFilmriseEntertainment
150FilmRise True CrimeFilmriseEntertainment
151FilmRise Sci-FiFilmriseEntertainment
152America’s Dumbest CriminalsFilmriseEntertainment
154The Masked SingerFOXEntertainment
156Gordon RamsayFOXEntertainment
159Supermarket SweepFremantleEntertainment
160Places and SpacesFremantleEntertainment
161Jamie OliverFremantleEntertainment
162CINEVAULT: ClassicsGSNEntertainment
163CINEVAULT: 80’sGSNEntertainment
164CINEVAULT: WesternsGSNEntertainment
165Game Show CentralGSNEntertainment
166DUSTGunpowder & SkyEntertainment
167Cowboy WayImagicomEntertainment
168Movie SphereLionsgateEntertainment
169Caught in ProvidenceLionsgateEntertainment
170Wanted Dead or AliveLionsgateEntertainment
171Anger ManagermentLionsgateEntertainment
172Are We There YetLionsgateEntertainment
173Anger Management en EspañolLionsgateEntertainment
175Maverick Black CinemaMaverickEntertainment
178IONScripps (National)Entertainment
179COURT TVScripps (National)Entertainment
180Bounce XLScripps (National)Entertainment
181ION PlusScripps (National)Entertainment
182ion MysteryScripps (National)Entertainment
183Grit XtraScripps (National)Entertainment
184The Carol Burnett ShowShout! FactoryEntertainment
185Mystery Science Theater 3000Shout! FactoryEntertainment
186The Johnny Carson ShowShout! FactoryEntertainment
187Tastemade HomeTastemadeEntertainment
189Tastemade TravelTastemadeEntertainment
190Tastemade en EspañolTastemadeEntertainment
191Tubi OriginalsTubiEntertainment
194beIN Sports XTRAbeIN SportsSports
195beIN Sports XTRA En EspañolbeIN SportsSports
196Real MadridCinedigmSports
197FIFA World CupFOXSports
198FOX SportsFOXSports
199FOX Sports en EspañolFOXSports
200MLB ChannelMLBSports
201NFL ChannelNFLSports
202NHRA (Sports)NHRA (via FOX)Sports
203PAC-12 InsiderPac-12Sports
206USA TODAY SportsWireUSA TodaySports
207Fubo Sports NetworkFuboSports

Tubi TV Channel List

Tubi News Channels

01ABC News LiveABCNews
03Cheddar NewsAlticsNews
04Bloomberg TVBloombergNews
05Bloomberg QuicktakeBloombergNews
06BNC GO (fka Black News Channel)BNCNews
08Estrella NewsEstrella MediaNews
10LiveNOW from FOX (fka NewsNOW from FOX)FOXNews
14Today All DayNBCUNews
15NewsyScripps (National)News
16PattrnThe Weather ChannelNews
17USA TodayUSA TodayNews

Tubi Local News Channels

01News 12 New YorkAlticeLocal News
02FOX13 Memphis (WHBQ)CMGLocal News
03FOX23 Tulsa (KOKI)CMGLocal News
04WSB Now AtlantaCMGLocal News
05WPXI (Pittsburgh)CMGLocal News
06WHIO (Dayton)CMGLocal News
07WFTV 9 OrlandoCMGLocal News
08WJAX Action News JaxCMGLocal News
09WSOC Channel 9CMGLocal News
10WFXTCMGLocal News
11KIRO 7 SeattleCMGLocal News
12FOX 5 AtlantaFOXLocal News
13FOX 13 Tampa BayFOXLocal News
14FOX 4 (Dallas-Fort Worth)FOXLocal News
15FOX 29 PhiladelphiaFOXLocal News
16FOX 2 DetroitFOXLocal News
17FOX 11 Los AngelesFOXLocal News
18FOX 32 ChicagoFOXLocal News
19FOX 5 Washington DCFOXLocal News
20KTVU FOX 2 (San Francisco)FOXLocal News
21FOX 26 HoustonFOXLocal News
22FOX 5 New YorkFOXLocal News
23Q13 FOX (Seattle)FOXLocal News
24FOX 10 PhoenixFOXLocal News
25FOX 35 OrlandoFOXLocal News
26FOX 9 (Minneapolis-St. Paul)FOXLocal News
27FOX 6 MilwaukeeFOXLocal News
28FOX 7 AustinFOXLocal News
29Fox Weather (National)FOXLocal News
30New Hampshire (WMUR)HEARSTLocal News
31Very Pittsburgh by WTAEHEARSTLocal News
32Very Nola by WDSUHEARSTLocal News
33Very Alabama by WVTMHEARSTLocal News
34Very Kansas City (KMBC)HEARSTLocal News
35Very Omaha by KETV7HEARSTLocal News
36Very Oklahoma by KOCOHEARSTLocal News
37Very Cincinnati by WLWTHEARSTLocal News
38Very Sacramento KCRAHEARSTLocal News
39Very Orlando by WESHHEARSTLocal News
40Very S. Carolina WYFFHEARSTLocal News
41Very Louisville by WLKYHEARSTLocal News
42Very New Mexico KOATHEARSTLocal News
43Very Lancaster WGALHEARSTLocal News
44Very Arkansas by KHBSHEARSTLocal News
45Iowa Des Moines KCCIHEARSTLocal News
46Very Tampa Bay WMORHEARSTLocal News
47Very Monterey by KSBWHEARSTLocal News
48Very Baltimore by WBALHEARSTLocal News
49Very Milwaukee by WISNHEARSTLocal News
50Very Jackson WAPTHEARSTLocal News
51Very Boston WCVBHEARSTLocal News
52Very Carolina WXIIHEARSTLocal News
53Very South Florida WPBFHEARSTLocal News
54Very Savannah WJCLHEARSTLocal News
55Very Maine WMTWHEARSTLocal News
56Very Champlain WPTZHEARSTLocal News
57WXYZ Detroit – 7 Action NewsScrippsLocal News
58WEWS News 5 ClevelandScrippsLocal News
59KNXV 15 – ArizonaScrippsLocal News
60WFTS 28 – TampaScrippsLocal News
61KGTVScrippsLocal News
62FOX 13 Salt Lake (KSTU)ScrippsLocal News
63FOX 17 West Michigan (WXMI)ScrippsLocal News
64WTVF Nashville 5ScrippsLocal News
65FL24 Forida (Scripps New)ScrippsLocal News
66WCPO Cincinnati 9 (Scripps New)ScrippsLocal News
67KSBY San Luis Obispo 6 (Scripps New)ScrippsLocal News
68KPAX Missoula 8 (Scripps New)ScrippsLocal News
69WGBA Green Bay 26 (Scripps New)ScrippsLocal News
70KXXV 25 News WacoScrippsLocal News
71KTNV 13 Action News Las VegasScrippsLocal News
72KRIS 6 Corpus ChristiScrippsLocal News
73WSYM FOX 47 News LansingScrippsLocal News
74KGUN 9 Tucson NewsScrippsLocal News
75FOX 4 News Ft MyersScrippsLocal News
76KJRH 2 News OklahomaScrippsLocal News
77KBZK News BozemanScrippsLocal News
78WRTV IndianapolisScrippsLocal News
79CBS 6 Richmond WTVRScrippsLocal News
80WPTV West Palm BeachScrippsLocal News
81WKBW 7 News BuffaloScrippsLocal News
82KMTV 3 News OmahaScrippsLocal News
83LEX18 News LexingtonScrippsLocal News
84WMAR 2 BaltimoreScrippsLocal News
85KSHB 41 Kansas CityScrippsLocal News
86Idaho News 6 Boise (KIVI)ScrippsLocal News
87KMGH Denver 7+ NewsScrippsLocal News
88KERO 23 BakersfieldScrippsLocal News
89KHOU 11 HoustonTEGNALocal News
90WUSA 9 – DC/MD/VATEGNALocal News
91WFAA Dallas–Fort WorthTEGNALocal News
92WXIA 11AliveTEGNALocal News
93WFMY News 2 | GreensboroTEGNALocal News
94WBNS 10TV ColumbusTEGNALocal News
96KSDK News St. LouisTEGNALocal News
97WTHR IndianapolisTEGNALocal News
99WTIC FOX61 Hartford, CTTEGNALocal News
100KXTV ABC10TEGNALocal News
101KPNX 12 NewsTEGNALocal News
104KARE KARE 11TEGNALocal News

Tubi Entertainment Channels

01America’s Test KitchenAmerica’s Test KitchenEntertainment
02Deal or No Deal USABanijayEntertainment
03Fear Factor USABanijayEntertainment
04All RealBanijayEntertainment
05Wipeout XtraBanijayEntertainment
06Biggest LoserBanijayEntertainment
07Brat TVBrat TVEntertainment
08The Bob Ross ChannelCinedigmEntertainment
09Dove ChannelCinedigmEntertainment
10El ReyCinedigmEntertainment
11Lone StarCinedigmEntertainment
12The Only Way Is EssexCinedigmEntertainment
14Comedy DynamicsCinedigmEntertainment
16Always Funny VideosfbwmediaEntertainment
17Filmrise Classic TVFilmriseEntertainment
18Dick Van Dyke ShowFilmriseEntertainment
19Filmrise WesternsFilmriseEntertainment
20Forensic FilesFilmriseEntertainment
21Unsolved MysteriesFilmriseEntertainment
2321 Jump StreetFilmriseEntertainment
24FilmRise Black TVFilmriseEntertainment
25FilmRise ComedyFilmriseEntertainment
26FilmRise HorrorFilmriseEntertainment
27FilmRise True CrimeFilmriseEntertainment
28FilmRise Sci-FiFilmriseEntertainment
29America’s Dumbest CriminalsFilmriseEntertainment
31The Masked SingerFOXEntertainment
33Gordon RamsayFOXEntertainment
36Supermarket SweepFremantleEntertainment
37Places and SpacesFremantleEntertainment
38Jamie OliverFremantleEntertainment
39CINEVAULT: ClassicsGSNEntertainment
40CINEVAULT: 80’sGSNEntertainment
41CINEVAULT: WesternsGSNEntertainment
42Game Show CentralGSNEntertainment
43DUSTGunpowder & SkyEntertainment
44Cowboy WayImagicomEntertainment
45Movie SphereLionsgateEntertainment
46Caught in ProvidenceLionsgateEntertainment
47Wanted Dead or AliveLionsgateEntertainment
48Anger ManagermentLionsgateEntertainment
49Are We There YetLionsgateEntertainment
50Anger Management en EspañolLionsgateEntertainment
52Maverick Black CinemaMaverickEntertainment
55IONScripps (National)Entertainment
56COURT TVScripps (National)Entertainment
57Bounce XLScripps (National)Entertainment
58ION PlusScripps (National)Entertainment
59ion MysteryScripps (National)Entertainment
60Grit XtraScripps (National)Entertainment
61The Carol Burnett ShowShout! FactoryEntertainment
62Mystery Science Theater 3000Shout! FactoryEntertainment
63The Johnny Carson ShowShout! FactoryEntertainment
64Tastemade HomeTastemadeEntertainment
66Tastemade TravelTastemadeEntertainment
67Tastemade en EspañolTastemadeEntertainment
68Tubi OriginalsTubiEntertainment

Tubi Sports Channels

01beIN Sports XTRAbeIN SportsSports
02beIN Sports XTRA En EspañolbeIN SportsSports
03Real MadridCinedigmSports
04FIFA World CupFOXSports
05FOX SportsFOXSports
06FOX Sports en EspañolFOXSports
07MLB ChannelMLBSports
08NFL ChannelNFLSports
09NHRA (Sports)NHRA (via FOX)Sports
10PAC-12 InsiderPac-12Sports
13USA TODAY SportsWireUSA TodaySports
14Fubo Sports NetworkFuboSports

Recently Tubi Launched News on Tubi here is the details.

Tubi Channel Lineup Printable PDF

Tubi Channel Lineup

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Last Updated on 13/05/2024

FAQs on Tubi

Does Tubi TV have ABC?


Can you watch Yellowstone on Tubi?


Do I need an account to watch Tubi?

No, you can start streaming directly on the website or on any supported device. Creating an account is optional.

What kind of content is available on Tubi?

Tubi offers a wide range of content, comprising action, comedy, drama, anime, horror, reality TV, and more. It even has a ‘Not on Netflix’ category.

How can I skip ads on Tubi?

There is currently no way to skip the ads or pay to remove them, as they allow the service to remain free.

Can I download videos from Tubi to watch offline?

No you cannot download Videos from Tubi to watch offline

Although Tubi is a free streaming service, it offers a diverse and extensive lineup of channels. This article has covered all the Tubi channel lineups from news and local channels to entertainment and sports channels.

Tubi is a great choice if you want entertainment without spending a penny. “It never fails to provide the latest content.”

I hope this ‘Tubi channel lineups’ article has improved your search and entertainment experience. Leave a comment below sharing your experience with Tubi.

Enjoy your entertainment time with Tubi!

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    1. I hope Tubi will air MEtv in the future, I liked a number of shows they carried and dish network dropped them.